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What do we do?

Home-Start wants to give Richmondshire parents the support they need to enable their child to have the best possible start in life.

We believe that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play a key role in giving their children a good start in life, and helping them achieve their full potential. We believe that the best possible start in life for a child begins at home with their family. Strong families raise happy children.

However Home-Start Richmondshire also recognises that parenting is a tough job at the best of times. Perhaps this is a first baby, or the family experience difficulties such as postnatal depression, mental health problems, relationship breakdown, disability, emotional and rural isolation, illness, domestic abuse, financial difficulties, poor housing, bereavement, multiple births or just a lack of parental experience, then the task of parenting can seem overwhelming. Sadly, that means that the children will not thrive and that their future wellbeing and educational attainment is likely to suffer.

Home-Start Richmondshire supports families with a child under 5 at home every week for 2-3 hours for as long as the family needs us. Find out more about becoming a Home-Start Richmondshire volunteer.

Home-Start is not rocket science. It’s not miracle working. It is unique. It is tried and tested over 40 years. It is free, confidential, and it does work.

About Home-Start Richmondshire

Home-Start Richmondshire was established in April 2010. It is a grass roots organisation - founded by local people, with volunteers from the local community supporting local families.

We have minimal staff, everyone else in the charity is a volunteer – we are a very good “value for money” organisation. Meet the Team.

Home-Start Richmondshire is one of over 300 schemes across the UK and Armed Forces abroad. Home-Start UK help each scheme, offering guidance, training and specialist advice whilst setting high standards and monitoring each scheme against these standards. See Home-Start UK's website.

Each Home-Start is an autonomous organisation and is responsible for its own management and funding. Home-Start Richmondshire is run by a Board of Trustees which is made up of local people with a variety of skills and experience who share an understanding of the pressures facing parents and have an interest in supporting their local community. For more information please click here.


Families can refer themselves or be referred by someone else such as a Health Visitor, Doctor, Children’s Centre, Army Welfare or a Social Worker. More information about referring to Home-Start Richmondshire.

Of course Home-Start support is not a substitute for professional services but is complimentary to them. Often the most effective results in terms of support for families are achieved through active partnerships with other professionals.

Latest News

Home-Start Richmondshire receive Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2020

Home-Start Richmondshire is delighted to accept the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2020.

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