Here are some of the things that families have told us:

"I'm very grateful for the help I've received. My volunteer has been hugely supportive and has made a real difference. Having no family close by, it has been very difficult managing with my twins and my volunteer has helped make it possible."

"I can’t tell you how much help the support has been to me, the isolation was incredible and getting out, as well as emotional support, has helped me. I really don’t know how I would have got through the last year without my volunteer. It has been like having ‘family’ nearby; she calls to check I am okay when the children are ill. I was apprehensive about a stranger coming into my home but the volunteer provided (professional) friendship and concern."

"My volunteer initially came to help me with appointments but it developed into emotional support and she has become like an aunt or second mum to me."

"I get Practical help, a break once a week and the opportunity to have some sleep or get everyday tasks done. Also moral support with breastfeeding and support/listening when worried about health issues."

"Both Kerry and the volunteer helped me learn of places I could take my children and told me of people/schemes that may help me and my family. They have both helped more in the time I’ve known them than most family members have in my lifetime and my children feel comfortable enough to talk openly to them and be helped by them. They both helped us deal with some bad times. I am very thankful for all their help and support through some very difficult times. "

"I would like to become a volunteer myself when the girls are at school, I have got so much from it and would like to give it back to someone else."